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APS Leadership and The Board of Education maintain an official policy statement in the form of a standardized discipline policy each year within the APS Student Behavior Handbook.  Copies of the handbook are made available at the beginning of each year.  The policy is also posted on the district’s web site at www.aps.edu.Taylor Middle School has discretion to supplement the standard policy and provide more school specific guidelines.  All efforts will be made to inform parents in a timely manner if a discipline infraction occurs.

Student Conduct

Order and discipline are necessary for teaching or learning to take place in a classroom.  Students are reminded that good behavior is necessary for their own benefit and for the benefit of others as well.  All staff in the school has the authority to correct student misconduct at any time or place and may refer students to the office. 

Unacceptable behaviors are outlined in the Taylor Discipline Code and the APS Student Behavior Handbook.  You will receive a copy of these with your registration packet. Discipline consequences are outlined on the Taylor MS Discipline Matrix. Repeated infractions may justify the use of more severe responses which are progressive.  APS Police will be involved if necessary.  Taylor Middle School has a Bernalillo Co. Sheriff on site.

School Rules

  • Students will respect the rights and safety of others.  No running, shoving, pushing or horse- play in the halls.
  • Students will be prepared for class by bringing pencil, paper, textbooks and assignments.
  • Students will keep a clean environment and use proper containers for the garbage.
  • Students will be in assigned areas at the right time or have an official hall pass and be aware of off-limit areas, such as the halls during lunch periods.
  • Students will obey all verbal and written instructions made by school personnel.
  • Students may eat or drink only in assigned areas.  Students may not have food or drink in classrooms or in the halls.

Please refer to the APS Student Behavior Handbook for more details.