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The school's phone number is 898-3666.  Please use extensions provided.  If another number is listed, it is likely a cell number and is the preferred contact number.  Thank you.

Teachers will not answer the phone during instructional hours.  If there is an emergency, please contact our office at 898-3666 so our office staff can serve you.

Contact Elizabeth Bercier  Elizabeth Bercier ex: 41126 Science
Contact Renee Bustos  Renee Bustos ex: 41120 Language Arts
Contact Julie Connolly  Julie Connolly (505) 898-3666 ex: 41118 English Language Arts Teacher
Contact Alyssa Cunningham  Alyssa Cunningham ex: 41123 PE Coach/Health
Contact Debbie Davis  Debbie Davis ex: 41195 Teacher
Contact Geraldine Garcia  Geraldine Garcia ex: 41127 Special Education
Contact Brian Gonzales  Brian Gonzales ex: 41145 Orchestra Teacher
Contact Meredith Grant  Meredith Grant ex: 41146 Special Education
Contact Roberta Greenberg  Roberta Greenberg ex: 41142 Teacher
Contact Ana-alicia Karnas  Ana-alicia Karnas ex: 41119 Teacher
Contact Helen Maloney  Helen Maloney ex: 41116 Instructional Coach
Contact Gregory Piskiel  Gregory Piskiel ex: 41131 Sp.Education
Contact Kristine Raven  Kristine Raven ex: 41140 Band
Contact Sarah Resnik  Sarah Resnik ex: 41141 Gifted Language Arts
Contact Shanette Ruttinger  Shanette Ruttinger ex: 41129 Teacher
Contact Regina Szczypiorski  Regina Szczypiorski ex: 41114 Head Special Ed
Contact Brian Tello  Brian Tello ex: 41134 6th Grade Math Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Torres  Elizabeth Torres ex: 41148 Chorus/Guitar
Contact Susan Winchell  Susan Winchell ex: 41151 Special Education
Educational Assistants
Contact Liliana Amaya  Liliana Amaya Educational Assistant
Contact Carla Carrillo  Carla Carrillo Educational Assistant
Contact Jeanne Desjardins  Jeanne Desjardins Educational Assistant
Contact Gail Spiess  Gail Spiess Educational Assistant
Contact Virginia Yazzie  Virginia Yazzie Educational Assistant
Contact Sandra Patterson  Sandra Patterson ex: 41102 Principal
Assistant Principal
Contact Erin Chavez  Erin Chavez Assistant Principal
Contact Lauren Deaton  Lauren Deaton (505) 898-3666 ex: 41105 Counselor
Contact Shannon Rippy  Shannon Rippy (505) 253-9457 Cafeteria Manager
Contact Sylvia Martin  Sylvia Martin ex: 41101 Bookkeeper
Attendance Secretary
Contact Melissa Cabrales  Melissa Cabrales (505) 898-3666 ex: 41100 Attendance Secretary
Instructional Coach
Contact Melissa Garcia  Melissa Garcia Nursing Assistant
Contact Evelyn Martinez RN  Evelyn Martinez RN ex: 41106 Nurse
Contact Heather Bolton  Heather Bolton Psychologist
Social Worker
Contact Rachel Molina  Rachel Molina Social Worker
Speech & Language Pathologist
Contact Beth Dwyer  Beth Dwyer ex: 41113 Speech and Language Pathologist
Contact Ramon McGuiness  Ramon McGuiness Custodian
Contact Aurora Shindler  Aurora Shindler ex: 41110 Head Custodian
Contact Sean Sullivan  Sean Sullivan Staff
Contact Anthony Trujillo  Anthony Trujillo P.M. Custodian